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How to Remove Kobo DRM?

remove kobo drmQ: How can I remove DRM from ePub, downloaded from Kobo? I downloaded a book from Kobo so I could convert it and put it on my kindle. The drm won't let me convert it and all guides to remove Kobo DRM require me to put the book into adobe digital editions. However I can't open the book in digital editions because of the DRM.. any suggestions?

A: Kobo ebooks uses Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). So ebooks from Kobo use ADE DRM protection. If you want to put your Kobo books on Kindle, then just remove DRM from ePub and things would be easier. The powerful DRM removal software - Kobo DRM removal, could help ereading user to bypass the DRM from Kobo books. So you can transfer the DRM-free ePub books to other devices. Read the ePub on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony Reader, Android, Nook etc.

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Step by Step Guide: How to Remove DRM from Kobo?

Note: Before running Adobe DRM Removal, you need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, you may download it here.

Step 1. By clicking the button "Browse..." you can view the DRM ePub files.

load epub files to remove kobo drm

Step 2. Then click "View..." button and select a directory to store your decrypted files, and then click "OK".

choose output directory

Step 3. After input and output settings, just click the button "Remove DRM" to start removing DRM from Kobo books.

OK, that's all for the process of removing Kobo DRM. When the software finished removing Kobo DRM, you will be able to enjoy your books on iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader etc. So why not free download Kobo DRM Removal and have a try?

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